Clinical studies of medical devices


A clinical study of a medical device is any medical study with medical devices or its respective accessories, which integrates the scope of the Decree-Law No. 145/2009 of June 17, and whose purpose includes:

  1. To verify the level of performance of the device; or
  2. To determine any undesirable side effects in normal using conditions and to assess whether there are risks in function of the device's intended use according to the legis artis; or;
  3. To conduct the post marketing clinical follow-up.

Article 2 of Law No. 21/2014 of April 16


An interventional clinical study of a medical device is any research that, besides the above mentioned, also includes a change, influence or programming of the healthcare, behavior or knowledge of the subjects or caregivers, in order to discover or verify the health effects arising from the use of a medical device.